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We ensure that all facets of Owners Corporation or Service Company compliances are attended to in a timely manner.


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Our Staff

Our highly trained staff demonstrate expertise and skills in all aspects of the Victorian strata title management industry.  Our comprehensive knowledge arises from a firm commitment to regular industry seminars and training workshops.
Integra Property Services Strata Management is solely dedicated to the professional management of all residential and commercial strata title properties, including Owners Corporations
(formerly Body Corporate) and Service Companies.
"Your property is our priority! "


Ensuring buildings and common properties are adequately insured is the key role of professional Owners Corporation managers.
We strongly recommend a strata valuation be conducted by independent experts every three to five years to ensure the asset is fully covered for reinstatement purposes.
Our valuations are currently arranged thru the following specialist providers.
WBP Propertyy Group
1300 302 581
Hay Property Consultants
9696 4800

Occupational Health and Safety

As you may be aware Occupational Health and Safety must be considered in all we do and the basic principles of Health & Safety were laid down in the Occupational Health and Safety act 2004. 
If the Owner's Corporation employs any contractors it is deemed to be an employer under the above act and as such has responsibilities and duties to reduce risk as far as reasonably practical, for both the public and employees.  (See division 2.2.1 Duties of Employers (1),(2),(3A&B),(4)

Is your property safe?

Essential Safety Measures Compliance
Essential Safety Measures are defined as the fire and life safety items installed or constructed in a building to ensure adequate levels of fire safety over the life of a building.
They include all traditional building fire services such as sprinklers, hydrants, portable extinguishers and mechanical services. They also include passive fire safety equipment such as fire doors, fire rated structures and paths of travel to exits.
Every building owner is obligated to maintain the Essential Safety Measures installed in their building under part 12 of the 2006 Building Regulations (Vic).
Under new regulations, by 13th June 2009, mandatory reporting of Essential Safety Measure maintenance is required for both pre and post 1994 constructed buildings (excluding Class 1 buildings) by completion of an annual Essential Safety measures Report.

Does your property comply? 

If you can answer yes to both of the above questions - great!
If you are unsure or answered no, then we recommend that you contact our office to discuss your management requirements and arrange for an OH&S and/or ESM safety audit of the Common Property as soon as possible.

Service Providers

Integra Strata Management maintains a data base of reliable and professional service providers who have ABN's and OH&S qualifications. Our contractors are vetted annually by Trades Monitor to ensure they have adequate and continuing insurance cover.